Dear Sports,

By: piratesportsguy

Jan 17 2015

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1.Dear College Athletic Directors, lower your ticket prices.  You get paid as much as $30 million a year on TV contract rights.  I bet 1 billion seats are empty each year throughout the nation because fans have to buy expensive tickets, parking, $5 bottled water, etc. Fill those stands. We are tired of being gouged.

2. Dear NFL, you need some rule changes and clarifications.  One call can change a winner into a loser.  One call can cause $300,000,000 to change hands in Vegas…..Just sayin, get it right.

3. Dear College football, the playoff was a good idea.  Maybe we should copy the small college system so good teams arent left out.  Try 8 teams or if its unclear on 4 teams then have a play in game or this year….2 teams were obvious, 4  were not.  Those 4 could have had play in games.

4. Dear Sports,  officiating needs to improve.  A lot of jobs are on the line.  Make sure these guys are pure professionals and it shouldnt have to be a side job.  Train them and make them accountable.

5. Dear High Schools,    take 2 teams to the playoffs.  More than this means lots of missed school.  It is still school.

6. Dear Kliff Kingsbury, you  have to find a new gimmick. The air raid offense is run by everyone now and if you cant run it better than TCU, Baylor or Oklahoma, you may have to do something else. Like Oregon and the quad option.

7. Dear Dallas Cowboys, you  must say goodbye to Demarco Murray. Draft a RB in the 3rd round and save some money. Draft lots of DL and LB. That way your secondary doesnt have to cover too long. Draft one more offensive Lineman so you can have the best OL ever.

8. Dear Texas Rangers, you ruined yourself by dissing Nolan Ryan.  Enjoy being terrible again.  It was a fun 2 years.  Jon Daniels, didn’t you see what happened to the Cowboys when ownership squabbles about who gets the credit?

9. Dear Texas Tech, you’re terrible in most sports except baseball.  Last or next to last in football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball.  A laughing stock.  The school has a bad image and recruits don’t want to go there.  This starts at the very top and isn’t about coaching.